Time to learn

It has been a while since I have posted anything lately so thought I would catch up on things.

I signed up for a paid course in learning some basic HTML, CSS, Javascript which can then lead me on the main aspect of the course, Java Software Engineering.

It was very basic at the start with the web development as I had already learnt a lot of the HTML and CSS languages. It was interesting once I have moved on to Javascript. Learning about variables, different types of methods to allow the user to interact with the program. Gathering information and changing to do what I needed. The whole process was a build up of learning different function to allow a user to upload various images whilst the program in the background manipulated those images to apply a chroma key (green screen) composite.

The learning process was very informative and at times I had to go back to understand it better. Once I had got the hang of it, I was flying through the course and I couldn’t stop myself from learning the next thing.

Whilst doing this I decided I would look out there and find other web and software developers out there to socialise. I got onto a couple of websites and finally found a local meet up near me.

I am not the best at socialising and find it very difficult to talk to other that I do not know. I bit the bullet and went to the meet up anyway. It was nerve tacking at the start but I got in there and spoke to a few. I think that it went well and the talkers were informative.

Overall I think that it was good for me to go there and I believe that I will attend the next meet up.

For now I will continue doing the course and hopefully within a month or two I will have learnt enough of the programming language that I can work on my initiative and develop a simple program on my own without the guidance of the course.

For now I will be happy coding.


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