Finding others out there

I have been thinking lately about coding/programming, whatever people want to call it. I have developed so much in learning some of the basics of the different languages out there and have been working on several websites and learning through various means.

I think that it would be very beneficial to have some sort of community going on where I could meet other programmers. They don’t necessarily have to be within my local area, although this would be very beneficial.

Having an online community will be just as good.

I have never been one for making friends and have never managed to keep them as they don’t really understand me or have any common interests. It would be good to find someone that shares my interest of programming and would be willing to work together, to learn from each other. Possible being myself learning as I consider myself to be a novice. This would help to work on new things and gain ideas from each other.


7 thoughts on “Finding others out there

  1. i know a little html, css, javascript… i know a little python (enough to create a programming language) and a little about i.t.

    now i know the tools you like to work with– what do you want to do with them? or: what did you enjoy learning most recently?


  2. I have recently learnt HTML, CSS and bootstrap framework and created a website. I’m now learning about JavaScript and will be going on to Java.
    I like web development as it allows me to be creative and can’t wait to learn a programming language as I will get to use numbers and equations etc.
    Where did you learn and what do you do with what you know?

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  3. oh! you like numbers and math. well youll never get enough, programming is like math on steroids. and yet i find programming friendlier and more accessible than pure math. it can do some very cool things. try some more obscure language, too. wait till you find lisp (scheme, clojure) its like the ultimate language for math.

    im a little more old-fashioned. i taught myself basic in the 80s and python in the late -00s, and picked up html and javascript along the way. i teach an introduction to programming using a simple language i wrote in python. its not great for equations, but it allows inline-python code (which is great for equations.) ive made websites (from the front with html and javascript, and “server-side” with python and php) but i like traditional programming a lot more than websites, for a number of reasons.


  4. You sound like you have been on a journey. I love maths, which I had a bit more knowledge behind me but that is growing day by day. I plan on finally learning and then maybe creating some tutorial video for others as I believe what greater way to learn than to teach.
    I’m currently doing a course online to advance my skills. I did some free online courses and learnt the basics. Now I am taking the leap to do a paid course and take it a bit more seriously.

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  5. cool! try to blog about it now and then. it will help you learn new things about what youve learned, and help you share it with others. wordpress is an unusually thoughtful platform, full of so many different people with diverse interests.

    and if you create a tutorial video, post it here too. i used to enjoy doing websites, but even though every 6 months i get tired of wordpress being finicky about something, its a more rewarding place to do this stuff. that said, make websites– you wont be able to help it. 🙂

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