Learning to Code

Over the years I have dabbled into many things and have had a wide range of interests. With me, when I find an interest I normally go full out with it and learn everything there is to know about it. My current interest and one that has probably stayed with me for a long time is reading and writing codes. Another name for this is programming.

I have learnt small snippets of different languages in the past. HTML,  CSS and Python my most recent programming language that I have got into. Lately I have decided that I want to learn all these language from the start and fully. I have bought a beginners book on Python to get me started. I have recently come across a website that I think will help users understand the basics very quickly. It’s free and gives you access to some small courses that can get you started.

Codecademy is an interactive web learning environment that can teach you code and evaluate you progress. I would still recommend books but also use the web, watch YouTube videos and head over and take a look at Codecademy.


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